Polyamide plastics (PA) provide the base material for selective laser sintering. They serve as the basic material for a large number of PA modifications. Polyamide plastics (PA) are used in plastic-based laser sintering because they have proven to be particularly durable and mechanically resilient. There are more than 10 different powder blends that have properties appropriate to their purpose.

The fine-textured PA2241 FR, for example, is highly flame-resistant and resistant to grease and oil. This makes it well suited for use in the aerospace industry, where it is used for interior fittings or ventilation ducts.

Here you can learn more about the application areas of SLS.

High thermal and mechanical load capacity

In the automotive and sports industries, the whitish PA 1101 is often used because it is particularly light and yet impact resistant. Metallic-looking components are obtained with Alumide, an aluminum-filled PA 12 powder. Objects made of this material are characterized by good thermal conductivity and have a metal-like appearance.